Pending film to tell story of late Henderson football coach Ken Little, 2010 title run

Updated: May. 24, 2021 at 5:10 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A film project called “4th Down and Forever” is underway, and its executive producers want to tell the story of late Henderson football coach Ken Little, who died of prostate cancer.

Back in 2010, Little was an assistant coach to Dickie Meeks, and they led the Lions to a state title under the most adverse conditions.

Brad Little, Ken’s son, explained the inspiration for the movie.

“You know, the inspiration of the story is my father Ken Little and the 2010 Henderson Lions, but it goes so much beyond football,” Brad Little said. “It really is a life story, you know. Ken as a coach and teacher first, and a lot of the leadership principles he instilled in me and a lot of the players are timeless.”

A few of the members of the 2010 Henderson Lions football team were called into the radio studios at the Town Square media location for interviews to help tell Ken Little’s story. They all reported with enthusiasm. After all, this was a salute to Ken Little, their former coach.

Former Lions quarterback Del Barnes even met the actor who will portray him.

“I tried to give him some insight on what it was like being in the moment of being a 16-year-old going on that state championship run,” Barnes said. “I also tried to give him some insight on how football was in a small town in Texas.”

“Uh, for me, I’m an actor, and I’m always trying to find my next big thing,” said actor Bradley Nnadi. “The project came to me by a friend named Ricky. It’s a nice football story.

For the former Henderson football players, it was a special trip down memory lane.

“Texas high school football is a culture that is unique to Texas,” said executive producer Louie Comella. I think that it’s in line with the story of Ken Little inspiring young athletes to play football, but really, there are some principles that are taught by coaches universally that make big impressions on young people later in life. I thought that was a bigger part of the big picture that we’ve been working on.”

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