East Texas filmmaker talks about upcoming Bigfoot movie

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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HALLSVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - Some say he’s out there somewhere, some say no way, and some are undecided, but Bigfoot seems to be a popular creature to make films about. A Hallsville man has done just that, for the second time.

Hallsville resident David Ford is kind of a one-man film company. He writes it, directs it and acts in it, although he does have financial, technical and acting help, kind of like the first time around with the hairy beast.

“We had such a good response with “Something in the Woods” that I figured I’d try it one more time. And I can’t afford known actors so I needed the biggest star I could get that would work for free, and Bigfoot was that guy,” Ford said.

“Something in the Woods” was based on an alleged true story about a Bigfoot encounter. This one, “Man vs Bigfoot,” is complete fiction and not a sequel.

“A little bit more action one-on-one Bigfoot action with this guy,” Ford said.

And like the last one, it’s not a kid’s movie, but he is trying for family friendly.

“There’s not going to be any cursing; a little bit of blood but not gore. So it’s still labeled PG. I wanted to make something the whole family could watch but at the same time have a creepy element to it,” Ford said.

Ford says it was extremely low budget, so there were low budget troubles.

“I had a lot of problems with the suit. It didn’t really come out the way I envisioned it. So I’d say it’s about 70 percent accurate to the script and how I envisioned it. But the fact that we were able to finish the film is a miracle, so I’m thankful,” Ford said.

He says it took about two years to complete. It was shot in East Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma with some first-time actors, and he’s excited to include a cameo from Bob Gimlin. But who is Bob Gimlin?

“He was there with Roger Patterson during the filming of the infamous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage,” Ford said.

That’s that lumbering Bigfoot film that’s too expensive to show here. Ford says he’ll move on from faith in Bigfoot films; he says he will now put his faith in faith.

“I’m going on to more faith-based family-friendly films. That’s kind of my real passion,” Ford said.

So he’s handing off the big hairy baton to the next generation.

“Man vs. Bigfoot” is being distributed by Random Media out of California. The film is expected to be released worldwide in late summer or early fall. His first film, “Something in the Woods,” is available for streaming on line.

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