Law enforcement officers arrest suspect after standoff on I-20 near Waskom

Updated: May. 15, 2021 at 9:02 AM CDT
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HARRISON COUNTY (KLTV) - A high-speed chase of an armed suspect, that went through Louisiana and into East Texas ended with a lengthy standoff and the driver finally giving himself up to authorities Saturday afternnoon.

It started early this morning when Louisiana state troopers spotted a truck towing a stolen trailer.

The driver crossed into Texas westbound on Interstate 20 and had his tires “spiked” just West of Waskom.

After the suspect’s vehicle came to rest, troopers, deputies, and Marshall police officers surrounded the scene, creating a perimeter to protect motorists that had come to a stop in the area.

“We are continuing to lock down the highway, this does cause great concern for us as well as getting traffic up and down the highway,” said Lt. Jay Webb with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver had warrants from several states. The situation quickly became tense as the man showed a handgun, sticking it out the window. Then he pulled it back and turned it on himself, threatening to commit suicide.

“We knew he had a weapon. We were going to prevent him from using that weapon on any of the traffic,” Webb said.

As the east and westbound lanes of the interstate were shut down, negotiation teams were called in to try to talk to the man.

“Louisiana state troopers have their negotiations team here as well as our negotiations team. We have tried our best to get him to come out of the vehicle,” Webb said.

As traffic was cleared away from the suspect vehicle as best as possible, a drone was deployed and an armored vehicle was brought in.

“We had negotiators discussing things with him. He would not talk to us. He continued to show us a weapon, and he continued to act in a threatening manner,” Webb said.

After hours of fruitless negotiation, the suspect perhaps saw the futility of the situation.

“The man was given an order, a command, to get out of the vehicle and leave the weapon behind, and he did,” Webb said.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said it all ended safely, with no shots fired, and no one injured. Tonight, I-20 is back open in both directions.

The suspect’s name has not been released.

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