A new 15 mile trail system in southeast Amarillo is underway

Here’s what features they will be adding to the trail and how you can get involved.
Six Pack outdoors recently announced the development of a new 15-mile hike and bike trail...
Six Pack outdoors recently announced the development of a new 15-mile hike and bike trail system at the Rick Klein Sports Complex in Amarillo.(KFDA)
Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 9:03 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A new 15-mile hike and bike trail system at the Rick Klein Sports Complex in Amarillo is underway.

Six Pack Outdoors has built about six miles of the trail so far and it’s already open to whomever wants to use it.

They are working on adding technical features, bridges and several water crossings to the trail.

“Over the next three to four months were going to be finishing up the trail system out here. When we get that finished were going to start working on a skills area for people to develop a mountain bike and bike handling skills out here that’ll have some wooden features and some dirt features on it,” said Geoff Hall, a director at Six Pack Outdoors.

The City of Amarillo approved the project, so now the organization is getting ready to welcome volunteers to help with vegetation work, raking, building bridges, and removing trash and debris from the trail.

“The great thing about this property and the course of putting it in is all the trees that are out here. Trees are hard to find in open space in the Panhandle and there’s got to be several thousand of them out here and we’re wrapping the trails all through those, is very pleasant, lots of birds, lots of deer and other wildlife out here on the property and it’s really neat seeing them,” said Chris Podzemny, community health ambassador for the Fairly Foundation and a director at Six Pack Outdoor.

WTAMU students in the school of engineering were able to create custom trail tools and equipment for them to use.

“The school of engineering donated all the materials and paid for the entire project. Some of the equipment we use, we’ve actually worked with the school of engineering at WT to build us some custom trail tools. One is a power rake which helps us work through the soil and through the gas out here. Some of the other tools they’ve given us have been a 6-way blade and they’ve also created some bike repair stands for us,” said Hall.

This is not the only trail the non-profit has been working on in the Panhandle.

They are currently working on maintaining and developing the Medipark Loop Trail in Amarillo.

They are 95 percent done with the 6-in-a-half mile trail system in Borger. You can find more information about that project here.

For updates on projects visit their Facebook page.

You can also click here for information about cross country mountain biking in the Texas Panhandle.

Funding for this project comes through several donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the area.

You can email for details about trail work days as well for donations.

Here is the link to donate. About 30 percent of donations come from individuals.

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