Caldwell Zoo’s red-tail hawk an ambassador bird with a story to tell

Updated: May. 5, 2021 at 10:37 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Caldwell Zoo has various animals with fascinating stories, but one story that is especially fascinating is the story of Artemis the zoo’s red-tailed hawk.

Artemis became a member of the zoo back in 2015. This was after she was saved by a local wildlife rehabilitator who received her after Artemis had been hit by a car. The bird suffered a broken bone in her wing and pelvic injury that could cause her great harm or even death if she tried to lay an egg. According to Beverly Grage a wildlife rehabilitator who took care of Artemis after she was it, those injuries prevented Artemis from being able to return to the wild.

“My veterinarian at the time looked at her and said you know she might heal she might surprise us but after time it was obvious she was not going to be able to be released,” said Grage.

Artemis found a new home at The Caldwell Zoo as an ambassador bird in which she is shown to zoo visitors to teach them about local birds in the wild like the red-tailed hawk. Nicki Hartman who is the bird department supervisor at the Caldwell Zoo says Artemis has been a great partner to help teach the public about East Texas wildlife.

“Artemis is an amazing ambassador bird, " said Hartman. “She works well with multiple trainers, she adapts very well to new situations and new behaviors that she is learning.”

On Wednesday Grage saw Artemis for the first time in 5 years. For her to be able to see the bird she helped save doing well means the world to Grage.

“It warms my heart it does it was a pleasure to get to see her and see her looking so good and doing what she is doing now as an ambassador,” said Grage.

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