Frankston race car driver hopes to raise awareness about autism

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FRANKSTON, Texas (KLTV) - On Saturday, Dylan Beasley, a United States Racing Association driver, raised money for Elijah’s Retreat on the square in downtown Frankston.

Elijah’s Retreat is a nonprofit in Jacksonville that provides opportunities for children with autism to experience fun activists with their families such as camping, horseback riding, hayrides, feeding animals, and more. Elijah’s Retreat is important to Beasley because he saw how it helped his brother Matthew and his nephew Marshall who he says especially benefited from the retreat.

“He laughed there is actually a video on Facebook of him laughing for the first time he laughed in over a year and he found his voice and now Marshall is very communicative, he talks and can carry on a full conversation with you,” said Beasley.

Beasley let kids take pictures with his car and sit in it. In the Cut Barber and Tanning, one of Beasley’s sponsors donated all the money earned in the shop on Saturday to the cause in which 50 percent of the proceeds go towards Elijah’s Retreat and the other 50 percent goes to Beasley’s race program. The awareness Beasley has been spreading helped educate In the Cut Barber and Tanning owner and friend Corey Fredieu about autism.

“I am learning, I am being educated about it now when they are sitting in my chair they aren’t as nervous anymore and I can kind of show them, how I am going to cut their hair and everything,” said Fredieu.

Last year the race program raised $5,000 for Elijah’s Retreat with a race that they put on in Canton. With that $5,000 raised, Beasley was able to help donate money for another cabin, which according to Elijah’s Retreat will help 80 more families a year. Now with multiple fundraises going towards Elijah’s Retreat, the retreat’s director Cheryl Torres is forever grateful for Beasley’s support.

“They are just a part of our family now, they are just family,” said Torres. “It means the world to be able to have their support to give back to other kids, who are nonverbal who are newly diagnosed to be able to learn.”

You can donate to Elijah’s Retreat by clicking here.

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