Kilgore native wins Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Fork

Lee Livesay

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - Kilgore native Lee Livesay took home the win this past weekend in the Bassmaster Elite Series Lake Fork tournament.

“I had a phenomenol week and an amazing last day. I caught just a gigantic bag on the last day, I had 42 pounds, 3 ounces, 3rd biggest bag ever caught in Bassmaster history and the biggest in history on live film. So it was just one of those days that was crazy,” Livesay said.

Livesay said he had 112 pounds for the week in the event fishing against the top 100 anglers in the world.

“Lake Fork showed up, it really did, its full of giants, and those guys are good, they find out everything and just when you think you got something secret they pull up on it,” he said.

He says his confidence is really high this year thanks to this win among others.

“We’ve had a good year you know, we’ve made five cuts out of five tournaments and its just, confidence is huge for me right now, I’m really confident right now, fishing good, I’ve got two top 10s in a row in wins and just heading in midway through the season, really confident and just ready for the next one,” he said.

Livesay is three years into his Bassmaster career and says every day he puts in a lot of work to achieve success.

“It’s fishing, you gotta grind, it’s not easy, you know we are out there practicing daylight to dark every single day and we’re on the road constantly, it never ends,” Livesay said.

He said this win though was really special being in his own backyard of East Texas.

“It felt really good to not just catch them but to catch a big bag, it felt really good,” he said.

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