WATCH: Dr. Ed, Dr. Patton discuss fatigue after COVID-19 and more

WATCH: Dr. Ed, Dr. Patton discuss fatigue after COVID-19 and more

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ed Dominguez and OBGYB Dr. Theresa Patton once again joined East Texas Now on Friday.

They were answering questions about COVID-19. Several topics came up including fatigue after receiving the vaccine and also restating the vaccines are safe even after one vaccine’s usage has been paused .

Dr. Ed was asked about long-term fatigue after receiving a dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A viewer said someone she knows has still been dealing with it eight days after receiving the vaccine. Dr. Ed said that is unusual, but not unprecedented.

“It is unusual, but not unheard of, we’ve heard of people who have had prolonged fatigue after that second dose, particularly if they’ve been vaccinated within 90 days of having had COVID,” Dr. Dominguez said.

Another question, should you delay a surgical procedure after you have had the vaccine.

“The recommendation currently for surgery is that you delay your surgery for two weeks or you delay your vaccine for two weeks, whichever happens first,” Dr. Dominguez said. “Just from the same stance that of you wanting your body to be able to be at its best to fight off being ill.”

Dr. Patton also wanted to reiterate that the vaccines as a whole are safe even with the pause in usage of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“One vaccine does not equal another vaccine as far as what you hear in the news, so I think everybody has to keep in their minds to be clear that there are the MRNA vaccines and then there are these Adnovector vaccines and there are different side effects for both groups,” Dr. Patton said. “The only one on pause right now is the J and J, the adnovector virus one, the MRNA vaccines have been given to hundreds of millions of people at this point.”

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