Tyler ISD students build, sell deer blinds to fund new class projects

Students in Sam Becze’s class at Tyler ISD’s Career and Technology Center build deer blinds to learn the basics of carpentry
Updated: Apr. 21, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Sounds of hammering nails and sawing wood can be heard down the halls of Tyler ISD’s Career and Technology Center. The sounds are coming from Sam Becze’s carpentry class.

“Residential framing, floor systems wall systems and roof systems, and then sort of conventional sheathing systems. We also do windows, of course, and doors. And so that is, among other things-- that’s the basics that they need to cover throughout the year,” says Becze, Trades and Industrial Education teacher at Tyler ISD CTC. “and that’s what we try to build into this project so that they get a chance to practice it and really put some hands on the project and do it.

The project-- deer blinds.

“It’s something that’s, you know, big in East Texas or in Texas in general,” says Becze.

Twenty students, in groups of two to three, spend almost the entire year building seven deer blinds.

“It’s for them to practice and for them to learn. So there’s a lot of putting things together and tearing them apart because it’s not done correctly,” says Becze.

For students like Avery Jackson, a senior at Tyler ISD, it’s also a chance to prepare.

“I’m going to be an electrician and am getting ready to go on an apprenticeship,” says Jackson. “So, when Mr. Becze teaching me about using tools and knowing the right names for the tools, it’s really going to help out. They’re going to think I’m prepared to learn and everything.”

Becze says that learning basic power took skills and safety are applicable across many different trades, not just carpentry.

“It just makes them a little more well-rounded in any trade,” he says.

Through his class, Becze says he also hopes students will develop a love for learning and problem solving.

“I love that we have a lot of problems that come up in these projects they have to solve,” he says.

The deer blinds are currently for sale and those interested should contact Becze at Tyler ISD CTC. The money raised from the deer blinds goes back into funding other projects for Becze’s classes.

He says his classes will continue to build deer blinds in the years to come as long as the students are interested, and as long as there is a demand.

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