Cancer survivor donates cancer bell to UT Health Tyler


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A cancer survivor donated a bell to the Poindexter Oncology Unit at UT Health East Texas on Friday.

The bell is for individuals to ring when they have beat cancer. Jeffrey Hickerson, who fought acute myeloid leukemia at UT Health East Texas last year, got the idea of the bell after he rang one after he completed his chemotherapy at UT Health Hope Cancer Center in September. He says being able to look forward to ringing that bell gave him hope during his journey.

“Just to give them a goal something, it may seem small to a lot of people,” said Hickerson. “Going through my fight having that goal something to look forward to, to ring out to the world that I won.”

Hickerson was also reunited with the many nurses that took care of him during his fight with cancer. He says he hopes the bell will give others who are currently on the floor and may be on the floor in the future that same feeling of hope he had when he rang the bell.

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