4.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Skellytown

4.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Skellytown
Reach of 4/14 Earthquake near Skellytown (Source: US Geological Survey)

SKELLYTOWN, Texas (KFDA) - The USGS reported that a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit about 21 miles north of Skellytown around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The earthquake was what’s called “shallow-focus” as it occurred just over four-and-a-half miles deep into the earth’s surface.

Residents from around the area reported feeling shaking in their homes with doors and windows rattling as well.

The 4.3 magnitude quake ranks on the higher end of earthquakes that have happened in our area, with the strongest earthquake striking the Panhandle having a 5.4 magnitude back in July of 1925.

Did you feel the earthquake? The USGS would like your help in documenting the reach of this event. You can report your experience here.

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