Gun store owner reacts to Rep. Schaefer bill proposal allowing for carrying guns without permit

Gun store owner reacts to Rep. Matt Schaefer bill proposal allowing for carrying guns without permit

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -Thursday, state Rep. Matt Schaefer, of Tyler, will be introducing a bill to the Texas House. that would remove any license or permit requirements to carry a gun in most public spaces.

One gun store owner Mack Woods of Shootist Gun and Knife Shop is concerned about C.S.H.B. 1927. Woods is concerned about the the license and permit requirements being removed because he believes the license is important.

“I don’t like to be characterized as being anti-gun about much of anything, but I do think that there should be some level of training that goes into the right to carry the handgun on or about your person on a regular basis,” said Woods.

According to the Rep. Schaefer’s office, the bill is being submitted because he is concerned that state law infringes on the right to bear arms by requiring a license which takes time and money to obtain. According to Woods that time spent is what’s needed to understand the law and your rights.

“Being able to process yourself through just a few hours of a class to learn some of the very fundamental things about the right to carry a handgun for personal defense, I don’t think that is asking so very much,” said Woods.

A system that Woods hopes continues as is.

“I don’t see how dumbing down the system is going to be a benefit to anybody in this process,” said Woods.

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