Long forgotten East Texas cemetery rediscovered

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Time had almost forgotten the final resting places of some East Texans in a remote part of an East Texas county.

A team of volunteers recently re-discovered what was once known as ‘Lone Star cemetery’, in Cherokee County just south of New Summerfield, in the community of Ponta.

Images were taken of headstones in a remote area of Cherokee county, a cemetery lost in time.

“It just amazed me at what we had forgotten and what we’ve left behind that nobody knows about,” said Volunteer Mark Bobbit.

Bobbit and fellow members of his motorcycle club, the ‘Independent Riders’, were looking to volunteer for a clean-up project, when he heard a story the forgotten cemetery.

“Our local kind of historian had told me a story about a cemetery that needed taking care of that had been forgotten. That he had known about since he was a kid,” Mark says.

A small gravel entryway is all that can be seen from county road 4502. Cars are not passable at the location, and it was a 1-mile walk before the group stumbled on what they couldn’t believe.

“We did find it after 5 days of searching. A when we did, it was ‘wow here’s one, here’s another one, oh my God another one.” says Bobbit.

Markers were found going back to the 1800’s, civil war veterans, Texas militia, and some that were just simple stones with no names.

“We’re think they used those to mark the graves because they didn’t have the money to buy the monuments,” says Mark.

There are no records that have been found yet that acknowledge the existence of the cemetery.

and for Bobbit, the knowledge that descendants may not even know they have relatives buried there.

“I had to tell somebody. The headstones were put out there to be remembered by the loved ones, and now it’s got to a point where nobody’s remembered them. Like they never existed,” he says.

Bobbit is working with the historical commission of Cherokee county to see if a historical marker can be placed at the site of the old cemetery.

After searching for five days , the group found more than 17 graves and headstones of people, some who had died in the 1800′s.

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