1 year into COVID-19 pandemic, East Texas bicycle stores still seeing increased business

Bike stores still seeing excellent business during pandemic

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - At this time last year, there was a major buying frenzy on bikes. With the pandemic closing gyms, many people wanted to get outside and be active.

Woolley G’s Bike and Fitness in Longview saw an influx of people buying bikes.

Many of their customers just wanted to get out and enjoy the outdoors with their family by riding around the neighborhood or riding trails.

They found the rush surprising. They also said it continues more than a year later.

“Dusting off the cobwebs. They haven’t done it since their childhood years or just several years prior,” said David Hernandez with Woolley G’S Bike and Fitness. “Seems like it was everybody. Adults, kids more adults probably. There were a lot of kids that already had bikes, but adults needed bikes, so they could go ride around and keep up with the kids.”

Hernadez added that it is still hard to get any type of inventory in, whether it is bikes, bike parts, or accessories. Manufactures are still playing catch up.

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