Become a Titanic passenger at Tyler Library exhibit

Titanic Exhibit Tyler Library

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - April 15 will mark 109 years since the Titanic sank on its voyage from Britain to America after striking an iceberg. More than 1,500 passengers and crew died.

This month the Tyler Public Library is holding an interactive exhibit for people to learn more about the ship and its passengers. This is the library’s first exhibit back since the COVID-19 pandemic closed things down for them. Visitors are asked to enter through the auditorium doors and will receive a boarding pass.

“You’ll get to see what the ship was like while it was being built. Then you get a person on the back of yours. You get to see who you are and what class you were in, and then as you travel along through the exhibit you get to see what life was like in first class, second class, and third class,” said Reference Librarian Rozanna Bennett, who is passionate about educating others on stories from the ship.

“You get the entire human spectrum on the Titanic. You get stories of unbelievable heroism and love. You also have stories of fear and the fight or flight mentality and you get to see both sides of it, and there’s some beautiful stories and it’s such a tragic thing that happened,” Bennett said.

The ship’s first and only voyage began on April 10, 1912 when it left Southampton, England. Throughout the exhibit guests can read about the ship, passengers, and crew members.

“She’s known as ‘Miss Unsinkable.’ She was a stewardess and a nurse on the ship and she survived. Then she later went on to be on the RMS Olympic and a British warship,” Bennett said, speaking about one woman on the ship.

They also have a silent movie rolling which shows footage from 1912 of the captain and crew.

“It shows the Carpathia coming back with the survivors and it shows some people lining up for the inquiry that happened after the Titanic as well,” Bennett said.

The tragedy of it encourages Bennett to teach others.

“So many people lost their lives because of it, and I feel, in a sense that I owe them to remember their stories, and to share their stories with others,” she said.

The exhibit runs through April 30, Monday-Friday from 2-6 p.m. & Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. You will enter through the side door by the auditorium.

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