Professional angler born without limbs shares his story with Sabine ISD students

Professional angler born without limbs shares his story with Sabine ISD students
Clay Dyer (Source: KLTV)

LIBERTY CITY, Texas (KLTV) - Students at one East Texas school district heard a special lesson about overcoming adversity Monday from a professional angler who never let his disability come in the way of accomplishing his dreams.

Clay Dyer knows about overcoming adversity.

“It’s definitely not been easy, but it’s one of those things in life you choose attitude that you have and I have always chose to have a champion attitude.,” he said.

He’s been competing in fishing tournaments since he was 15 years old, all while living without legs, no arm on his left side, and a partial arm on his right.

“My parents signed a waiver of release at age 15 for me to start competing since I was under 18, but then I dove in head first full time at it at age 19 right after I graduated high school,” he said.

Dyer has never let his disability become an obstacle to him and shared his story of overcoming tough situations to Sabine ISD students. He says he hopes his story will teach young people that there is no obstacle to big for them to overcome and to spend their lives helping other people.

“We live in a tough world today, but we can all work together to make that world better and I feel like when we work together, help each other, encourage each other then it makes the world a better place,” Dyer said.

He says he feels blessed to be able to encourage people even if he is never able to talk to them.

“No amount of money could ever pay for what that reward is you know, it lets me know that I am doing the right thing, it lets me know that I am trying to help the world out, it always goes back to what my grandfather taught me as a young kid, as a young kid, he said son its not always easy to do what’s right but when you do what’s right, you’ll be blessed and you’ll be rewarded,” he said.

Dyer said he will be heading to his first tournament of the year in about two weeks.

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