A Better East Texas: Boycotts can erode strength of democracy

Better East Texas: Boycotts can erode strength of democracy
Updated: Apr. 12, 2021 at 4:20 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In the next disturbing trend, fostered by social media, we are now seeing the emergence of boycotts as a way for some groups to voice displeasure with the action of other groups.

Boycotts have been around forever, and occasionally they work in changing the mind of one party’s actions, but they largely don’t work. Recently, we have seen boycotts trying to take shape in the wake of Major League Baseball’s protest move of pulling the All-Star Game out of Georgia in reaction to the recently passed voter rules by the Georgia legislature.

But there is one problem, the Georgia legislature has adjourned for the year and the move will likely not have any impact on the law. The baseball move received some retaliation from our Governor Greg Abbott as well as former president Trump resulting in a tit-for-tat boycott where groups have essentially said to baseball that ‘my boycott is bigger than your boycott’. But, as a country and democracy, do boycotts really have much of a purpose?

We must be able to discuss and even debate, but a boycott signals a divide. And when we divide, we are all a bit weaker. Perhaps it is another thing to boycott the actions of other countries on the world stage, but when we divide within our country, it hurts everyone, and it hurts the process of advancement. So, companies and political leaders need to resist the urge to play the boycott card. They rarely lead to an acceptable resolution while eroding the strength of our democracy.

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