Longview’s Broughton Rec Center $5.3M expansion detailed

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - The city of Longview is about to enter another phase of the voter approved 2018 bond package. Broughton Rec Center is slated to get a five million dollar facelift.

Scott Caron, Longview Director of Parks and Recreation says Broughton was built in the late seventies when the look for city buildings and schools was basic brick, but that will change.

“It includes an expansion nearly doubling the size of the rec center,” Caron said.

The south parking lot is where they’re:

“Putting a new gymnasium on it, as well as moving the library from the back of the building all the way to the front to make it more accessible to people, and make it more user friendly,” Caron said.

Patrons will be able to enter the library without walking halfway through the building. And the new gymnasium will be full sized.

“Our present gym can still be utilized as a gymnasium, but it’ll be converted more into a multi-purpose space, so that we can accommodate more of the large group gatherings,” Caron said.

He says they get a lot of requests for gatherings there, and generally just can’t do that in the gym.

And up front there is a reception room that:

“Will be turned into an esports gaming room. Essentially it’s a big computer lab. Esports is growing in popularity and it’s something that we think will attract folks to the facility,” Caron said.

And the lobby will be remodeled.

“We’ll also have some fitness and lobby space available for just hanging out and enjoying the facility and socializing,” Caron said.

He says the drop ceilings are going to go, there will be better lighting installed, and the one lone window in the building will have many counterparts.

“It’s very institutional so we’re excited to bring in some natural light to the facility by putting in some windows,” Caron said.

Caron says construction should begin in June and will take 13 months to complete, and will be closed during the process. But, when it’s done Broughton’s windowless box will give way to something warm and inviting.

The Longview City Council is voting tonight on whether or not to accept the bid placed by RLM Contractors of Longview. RLM is already involved in several other projects in Longview stemming from the 2018 bond election.

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WebXtra: Broughton Rec Center