New Mission Nac program offers affordable first-time houses

New Mission Nac program offers affordable first-time houses
Mission Nac has a new program aimed at helping people buy their first home.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Home ownership is becoming a reality for couples and individuals in Nacogdoches. The non-profit, ‘Mission Nac’ has bought its first house to flip for a sell at cost to qualified first-time home buyers. The program is aptly named ‘New Horizons’.

“It will be nice and open,” says Tike Perkins, spokesperson for Mission Nac-New Horizons. She’s directing her comments in a gutted home to Debra Phillips, a potential future homeowner. She exclaims, “Wow”

Phillips, the wife of a school-teacher and mother of two, is trusting Perkins when she claims a neglected house has potential.

“And this saves lots of space,” points out Perkins about the structural changes underway.

New Horizons is flipping the house for resale for only what is put into it.

“A home like this will be either more home than what they would have been able to afford or it already has a little bit of equity in it,” explains Perkins.

Or the graduate can go house-hunting anywhere else.

“The goal is home ownership. They have to get their finances in order and the apply for a loan, like any potential buyer,” says Perkins.

Eligible buyers are ones who take a free, 8-week Bible based course on how to, “Get out of debt. Stay out of debt. And eventually buy their first home,” said Perkins.

The Phillips are on their way.

“We already applied at the bank and we got pre-approved an amount. They gave us a good amount and it’s like, Wow. That’s awesome.”

“The number one way for people to get out of generational poverty is to be able to buy their first home,” said Perkins.

She clarifies that the New Horizons focuses on the lower-income, but it’s not a requirement. Anyone needing help with getting their finances in order can take the free course. Participants have ranged in age from the twenties to the sixties.

New Horizons’ first house flip is an older house in need of every repair imaginable. There’s a mission behind that too.

“Transforming into something that is beautiful for this neighborhood rather than it continuing to deteriorate and bringing down the cost of all the homes around it,” said Perkins.

Perkins points out the new back entry way.

“There will be door right here.”

Debra begins to see the possibility of home ownership and doors opening to a bright future.

To learn more about applying for New Horizons financial lessons toward home ownership or to volunteer with labor or materials you may contact Mission Nac’s website or Facebook pages.

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