City of Terrell assisting City of Mabank with vaccination efforts

Terrell Helping Mabank

MABANK, Texas (KLTV) -The City of Mabank has approved a partnership with the City of Terrell to create a vaccine distribution center that will be in Mabank.

Terrell will be providing Mabank with vaccines that will be distributed at a drive-thru vaccination center every Tuesday at the Mabank Pavilion starting April 13. According to Mabank Emergency Management Coordinator Charlie Woodard, this was a much-needed partnership to provide the citizens of Mabank with a closer vaccination center.

“There is nothing really in our area that is giving mass vaccine shots, so that’s what we wanted to do for our community and with the City of Terrell’s help it is all coming together,” said Woodard.

The City of Terrell was already giving out 4,000 vaccines a week and they wanted to expand their efforts. After getting approval from the state they were able to become a provider which allows them to help out a city in need like Mabank who reached out. They expect this process to be one similar to the one they are already conducting.

“Mabank is like a little satellite of the Terrell site so they are using our registration, our appointment system, our scheduling system,” said Dustin Conner who is the Terrell Emergency Manager Coordinator. “They are using the City of Terrell’s vaccines, they are using our process and procedures and they are using our M-track data upload so it is as is you are at the Terrell site just down here in Mabank.”

The plan for the Mabank center is to give out 200 shots a week for the first four weeks. After that period of time they hope to ramp up the amount of shots to 400. They want citizens to register and fill out paperwork before hand so they can make the process as fast as possible.

“Our goal is to get you in and get you out and make it as timely and efficient as possible,” said Woodard.

You can register on the city of Mabank website which you can click here and the city of Mabank’s Facebook which you can click here. You can also register here.

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