Kilgore College Cosmetology and Barber School reopens to public

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Cosmetology is not cheap, unless you know where to go. There’s a place in Longview where haircuts are six dollars, and color can be less than a fifty, but the whole thing is kind of a learning process.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic the Kilgore College Cosmetology and Barber School was closed to the public for about a year. But, according to Cosmetology Instructor Wesley Brasher the students can now work with real customers again.

“They’re excited to have the clients back so they can be practicing there. You know and it’s a great thing for the clients to be able to come back also,” Brasher said.

Brasher said they are able to service clients at a much more affordable rate than other “professional” salons.

“She had been paying $240 to have her cut and color done. And we got it done correctly for her and she paid us $45,” Brasher said.

And that type of deal brings in the clients like Kris Modisette who just wants a wash and a curl.

“You’re letting people learn, at the same time you’re getting your hair done at a third of the cost,” Modisette said.

James Hill is switching careers.

“I worked in the oil field for twenty plus years, and it’s something to get me out of the weather and out of the up and down roller coaster of the oil field,” Hill said.

So in a way he’s trading one kind of oil for another.

Brasher says they can also once again allow visits by high school students interested in facials, nails or styling.

“A lot of them are coming to this industry. It’s growing leaps and bounds right now,” Brasher said.

About a year ago they started a barber school and the response has been high.

“It’s filled to capacity,” Brasher said.

But for a year the students did each other’s hair or would practice off campus on family or friends.

“As long as they could find hair somewhere they were doing it,” Brasher said.

He says this deal is one of the best kept secrets in Longview, and now, well the students are pretty happy to get ahead.

The Kilgore College Cosmetology and Barber School doesn’t take walk-ins, it’s by appointment only, and CDC guidelines are observed. It’s located at 300 South High Street in Longview and appointments can be made by calling 903-753-7730.

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