Lt. Gov. Patrick has a stern message for people who label election bill as ‘suppressive’

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has a stern message for people who label Senate Bill 7 as “suppressive"

AUSTIN, Texas (KLTV) - Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick held a news conference Tuesday to discuss the Election & Ballot Security Bill recently passed by the Texas Senate. Senate Bill 7 would impose restrictions that take particular aim at local efforts meant to make it easier to vote, like extended early voting hours.

Patrick told reporters at the Texas Capitol that “people in America have lost faith in their elections”. He also said critics have not done their homework into the bill, accusing them of “race baiting”. Lieutenant Governor Patrick also had a message for Texas-based companies, including American Airlines and Dell Technologies, who have been vocal over the bills. ”You’re in essence calling us racist, and that will not stand” Patrick said.

Senate Bill 7 would prohibit drive-thru voting and increase access for partisan poll watchers, including allowing them to shoot video of the ballot counting process. The bill would limit extended early voting hours and make it illegal for local election officials to proactively send applications to vote by mail to voters.

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