Gregg County 4H looking for volunteer instructors for summer day camps

Gregg County 4H

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - Gregg County 4H has been helping out kids for years, and now they’re asking for your help if you have an area of expertise you might be able to share with kids. And they are re-activating many programs that were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gregg County 4H Ag Extension Agent Arvitta Scott always has something going on, and now she’s looking ahead to the summer.

“We have a program of 4H and youth development where we are growing in leaps and bounds. And so we are in search of some volunteers who have expertise in food and nutrition, leadership, public speaking, sewing,” Scott said.

She says there has been a lot of increased interest in hobbies that have a tangible result, especially:

“Just anything to do with sewing. That would definitely be instrumental to us,” Scott said.

Food is also near the top of the interest list.

“Kids are learning how to work together, how to communicate, how to cook, you know, how to present,” Scott said.

She says there is a $10 fee volunteers have to pay, but:

“Typically we will get curriculum for them and train them and give them the things that they need in order to be successful with our kids,” Scott said.

She says there is no teaching certificate required to volunteer.

“You don’t necessarily have to have a whole lot of background or a whole lot of college education. We’re just looking for those volunteers who are sincere about helping our youth,” Scott said.

And one day summer camps are just around the corner, some of which will be held at the Gregg County Ag Extension Office in their socially distanced auditorium. Others will be held outside like archery and even gun safety.

“We want to educate our kids in those areas and help them just develop those skill sets, Scott said.

Those camps may only run a day, but Arvitta Scott thinks that day could send a child into a brand new positive direction for years to come.

CDC guidelines will be observed at 4H events.

If you think you have the right stuff you can call the Gregg County Extension Office to volunteer, or to get a child enrolled in a summer program at 903-237-2627. There’s a $10 for kids who aren’t enrolled in 4H.

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