Members gather for Easter service after a tornado damages Mt. Enterprise church

Members gather for Easter service after a tornado damages Mt. Enterprise church

MOUNT ENTERPRISE, Texas (KLTV) - A week after an EF-2 tornado devastated many in Rusk County, members of the First United Methodist Church in Mount Enterprise were able to meet for Easter service after their church was badly damaged.

A joyful noise filled Concord Methodist Church this Easter morning, a few miles up the road from First United Methodist Church, which was damaged by last week’s tornado, and is their sister church.

“Ever since I’ve been here it’s always been a dual charge, the preacher that preached out here one hour, would go in and preach in Mt. Enterprise at another hour,” said John Langston, a member of Concord Methodist Church. He said once he saw the damage to First United Methodist Church he knew they had to help.

“At first I didn’t think that there was that much damage, but when I saw that bell, which I imagine weighs in the neighborhood of a thousand pounds and crashed all the way through to the foyer in the church, ripping out the wiring, I knew that they needed another place where they felt safe,” Langston said.

Karen Munn is a member of Mt. Enterprise First United Methodist Church and said this week has been one of cleanup.

“When John said we could come over here, we said, well of course. This is the other part of our pastor’s charge,” Munn said. “So, it was a joy that we had a sanctuary to come to instead of just maybe the fellowship hall.”

Despite the damage, destruction, and pain, Munn is finding joy.

“Actually, I’m feeling joyful,” she said. “I mean I really feel the joy of the way things have happened. It’s sad that we have to worry about the old church and everything but God is with us. He helps us no matter what we’re in and without him we would have no joy.”

“It’s our responsibility to provide an example of how we should live and how we should treat each other,” Langston said.

Members of the First United Methodist Church in Mt. Enterprise are being welcomed to Concord Methodist Church until their rebuilding is complete.

To make a donation toward their rebuild you can visit the GoFundMe.

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