Shreveport charity organization helping victims of East Texas tornado

Shreveport charity organization helping victims of East Texas tornado
Shreveport Volunteer Network has spent all week cleaning up the damage done to several homes across East Texas. (Source: kltv)

CARTHAGE, Texas (KLTV) -Shreveport Volunteer Network is a charity organization based in Shreveport, Louisiana, that helps provide relief to victims of natural disasters.

The organization has spent the last week in parts of East Texas helping victims of the EF-2 tornado that caused massive damage back in March. One of those individuals is Edward Laird. Laird lost his home and his wife after a tree fell through his trailer, hitting them both and taking her life.

“It’s just like a video game; it’s over and over I can see that tree hitting her, and I can see her eyes looking at mine, and I couldn’t do nothing,” said Laird.

Feeling a sense of helplessness, Laird had no idea what to do next until he came in contact with a new friend that would help him out. That new friend was Keith Bryant who is the co-founder of Shreveport Volunteer Network. Bryant and his team of volunteers have been cleaning up the damage done to Laird’s property as well as raise funds to get Laird a new home.

“To lose the life of your wife and your house I can’t even fathom what that must feel like,” Bryant said. “But what we can do is we can come and bring our time, our resources, and our energy to be able to help him get back on his feet.”

What remains of that night is a cross made out of the fallen tree. It’s both a reminder and a glimmer of hope that the Shreveport Volunteer Network will help restore.

“I will always have her in my heart she will be with me the rest of my life,” Laird said.

The Shreveport Volunteer Network encourages others to reach out to them on Facebook to help with the cleanup process of several other East Texas homes. They will take anything from time, resources, energy, and money.

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