Kilgore College Esports coach explains upcoming tournament

Kilgore College Esports Tournament

KILGORE, Texas (KLTV) - Back when it took a quarter to play a video game no one thought it would be much more competitive than a couple players, but with online gaming and Esports teams hundreds now can compete. KLTV takes us to Kilgore College where they’re setting up for a big Esports tournament at Dodson Auditorium.

Andy Taylor is the Rangers Esports Coach at Kilgore College and Graham Asbury is his Team Captain. They are making sure the game is on, on the forty foot screen in Dodson Auditorium.

“This is out second major tournament but we’ve competed in nearly a hundred and thirty matches in our regular season,” Taylor said.

But this tournament is not just for collegiate teams, it’s open to anyone who thinks they can play with the big boys.

“Most of them are gaming at home already, we just like to bring them out and help them socialize a little bit and really get into the competitive spirit, facing off with higher level talent,” Taylor said.

Taylor says there are two age groups in the one on one play.

“The players will face off head to head. And if they win they move on, and if they lose they go into the loser’s bracket and then they’re able to fight their way back to the top,” Taylor said.

Over sixty players will await their turn in the auditorium. Fans can see exactly what’s happening and cheer on their favorites. And the game they play is truly a smash.

“Smash Brothers is one of the most competitive games, and since the first iteration of the game the smash competitive scene has ranked among the highest competitive scenes,” Taylor said.

It’s partly a recruiting tool for Rangers Esports.

“Right now I think the best choice would be to find new players. Two players that could really bring some impact to the team,” Asbury said.

And to make it more tempting there are cash prizes.

“You can play against your neighbors all you want but until you really get in there and play against some higher level players then you really don’t know what you’re made of,” Taylor said.

They want to know if you’ve got game.

The Tournament runs from 10 am to 6 pm Friday April 2 at Dodson Auditorium at Kilgore College. It’s 10 bucks to play, and five to watch. CDC guidelines are required for attendance.

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