A Better East Texas: Migrant border crisis continues to grow

Updated: Mar. 26, 2021 at 3:09 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The migrant crisis at the southern border continues to grow. Finally, we have seen the inside of the migrant holding centers that are housing thousands of children and teens that have been dropped off at America’s doorstep.

This is such a multi-faceted problem that it is hard to know where to start but the control point has to be the federal government. President Biden has, perhaps, learned a valuable lesson that removing executive orders from the Trump era was not a good idea in the absence of a plan to handle the surge that ensued. Migrants have been interviewed and they expressed the belief that it was because of Biden’s actions that they would be easily welcomed into the US.

Now Mexico’s president has joined the chorus of voices blaming the lack of a plan and these executive orders on the current crisis. Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar was the first to deliver pictures from these holding centers which are obviously overwhelmed. This must be dealt with as a crisis – a forest fire – and the feds must develop a plan.

Congressman Cuellar also noted that some of these migrants were released into the US without a requirement to appear in an immigration court. Again, unacceptable. It is true that we are a nation of immigrants, but what we currently have is an open border situation and that will dissolve our nation quickly if it isn’t dealt with at the border, at the source – other countries – and in the US after migrants arrive. Only then will this high tide of people recede, and that will make for a better East Texas.

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