Texas Wounded Warriors make $20k donation to UT Tyler military scholarship

TX Wounded Warrior Foundation

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation along with the Dew Boys Golf Club have made a $20,000 donation to UT Tyler’s Richard and Madeline Lewis Scholarship.

Coby Dillard, Director of Military and Veterans Affairs at the university, said the scholarship allows the university to supplement and assist student-veterans with disabilities or those who were wounded with expenses that may come about that their benefits may not cover.

“If they need a textbook or need a laptop or something that, anything that the VA doesn’t cover, we are able to support them in that way by giving them a little bit of a financial boost that allows them to keep moving on their educational progress,” Dillard said.

Dillard said the two organizations have been giving the donation for the past seven years for a total of around $150,000 donated.

Dillard said veterans that have benefited from the scholarship have expressed gratitude for it.

“It’s everything, it means a whole lot to them, they’re able to look at some of the expenses that their benefits may not cover, or even if they run into a situation where they need a little extra assistance that they can’t get through the VA or through another community partner, this scholarship has made the difference in whether some students graduate on time and go on to do great things, or if they have to postpone their education and sometimes look for work, look for different ways to support their family,” he said.

Dillard says the university’s entire population of veterans, active duty military, and military dependents is about 550. Of those, around 50% are veterans.

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