Uncooperative Tyler murder suspect says he’ll accept 50 years in girlfriend’s death

Uncooperative Tyler murder suspect says he’ll accept 50 years in girlfriend’s death

SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - During an expletive-laden pretrial hearing Tuesday, a Tyler man told a Smith County judge he would accept 50 years for his alleged role in the stabbing death of his girlfriend.

In Jan. 2020, Tyler police discovered the body of Leslie Gamino in a car at the Town House Motel off East Gentry Pkwy. Johnny Osburn was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with her death.

During a pretrial hearing on Tuesday, Osburn often appeared disinterested in what his court-appointed attorney and the judge discussed. At one point, Osburn interrupted Judge Jack Skeen to express his frustration at the degree to which he was being charged.

“I was told there was no degrees of murder in Texas; that murder is just murder,” Osburn told the court.

“There are degrees. There is first-degree murder,” Skeen replied. “What you’re getting confused about is that there,” at which point Osburn interrupted the judge to say he was not confused but that he “was getting lied to.”

“I really don’t give a s---. I’m about to take these headphones off, I don’t want to talk anymore,” he continued. “Y’all are going to do what y’all are going to do; I don’t give a f--- what you do.”

After his outburst, the headphones were removed from his head and Osburn walked away from the hearing but remained sitting in the background during the video conference. He eventually returned minutes later, where prosecutor Heath Chamness mentioned the possibility of a plea deal.

Chamness said the offer would be 50 years in prison. Orsburn replied: “Signed. That’s enough said then, I’m done.”

Judge Skeen said a hearing in the future would be set to formalize a plea deal, but did not set an exact date.

Documents obtained by KLTV in Jan. 2020 indicated Osburn admitted in passing to killing someone at the same time as he was complaining about how law enforcement was treating him after he was arrested.

The affidavit stated he said, “I know I killed my old lady, but you guys don’t have to treat me like this.” The affidavit said he also stated again while inside the bathroom, “I know I killed my wife, but you guys are doing me wrong.”


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