SWE Fury, a wrestling company, holds tryout camp in Canton

SWE Fury pro wrestling tryout camp

CANTON, Texas (KLTV) - SWE Fury, a wrestling company run by former WWE wrestlers, held a tryout camp at the Canton Civic Center Saturday.

KLTV Sports Director Michael Coleman spoke to Larry Beard, a Hall of Fame referee, and Mark Henry, a two-two World Wrestling Entertainment champion about the camp, which is held once a month.

“Well, today, right now, we’re having a training camp and a tryout camp for the SWE Fury team,” Beard said. “We have about 40 or 50 guys show up at just about every one of these, and we do them before every television taping.”

Henry, who was giving tips to the wrestlers, said he was encouraged by the impressive turnout he saw Saturday.

“These guys, they get it, you know,” Henry said. “They’ve been training for years for their moment. I just sometimes say, ‘Hey, man. That’s nice, but turn the volume up a little bit.’ And they get it.

The former WWE wrestler said that he was encouraged that about 50 people showed up for the tryout.

“This is awesome to have this many people come to a tryout,” Henry said. ‘There’s probably about 50 guys, and we’re in a CIVID environment. So … once the COVID environment ends, how many more are gonna be out here?”

Beard and Henry said several of the people that showed up for the camp Saturday were selected to wrestle in the next SWE Fury event.

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