Marshall man accused of shooting newspaper delivery woman

Newspaper Carrier Shot

MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - Marshall police have arrested a man accused of shooting a newspaper delivery woman Friday morning.

Jose Manuel Galvan, 20, of Marshall, is charged with second-degree aggravated assault in the shooting.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. a Marshall Police Department patrol lieutenant reported hearing several gunshots north of his location. Immediately after his report, multiple 911 calls were received in the Marshall Emergency Communications Center from residents in the area of the 500 block of Oak Street stating that they were hearing gunfire in their neighborhood. The callers stated they could hear a female screaming for help.

The female victim called 911 and stated that she believed she had been shot.

Marshall Police Department patrol officers responded to the scene and secured the location, allowing Marshall Fire Department personnel to treat and transport the victim to the hospital.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the shooting victim is a 34-year old newspaper carrier who was delivering newspapers. She did not know who shot her or why.

It was a rude awakening for a normally quiet neighborhood. Elisa Gonzales and her son Mario Beltran say they heard several shots fired.

“My father said it was around five gunshots. I just heard two. When I heard two that’s when I realized that somebody was yelling for help, but I didn’t go out,” Beltran said.

“Somebody, a lady, she was yelling to come help,” Gonzales said.

They stayed in the house and took cover.

Marshall Police say a lieutenant on patrol nearby also heard the gunfire and investigated. EMTs and other police arrived on scene after neighbors, and the victim called 911.

Sheila Wrighten lives next door to the house that later became a crime scene.

“What I heard was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! And I was like ‘what is that?’ And then all of a sudden we heard them saying ‘help, help me. Help me,’” Wrighten said.

After police arrived, residents ventured outside and found the victim had been taken to a hospital. Elisa Gonzales saw that her personal vehicle and house had received gunfire.

“It came from somewhere else. And they shot my car, shot a window in front of my house, and shot in my motor home. So I don’t know where this came from,” Gonzales said.

The investigation of the crime scene led officers to believe that the shooter had fired from a second story window in the 600 block of Oak St. Officers made contact with an individual at the residence, later identified as Jose Manual Galvan, 20, of Marshall. Mr. Galvan was uncooperative with officers and was detained while the investigation was conducted. Preliminary gunshot residue swabs indicated that Mr. Galvan had recently fired a weapon. Detectives with the Marshall Police Department obtained a search warrant for Mr. Galvan’s residence and during the search located an AR15 rifle, spent shell casings, and a large quantity of illegal THC products.
Marshall Police Department

Marshall Police investigators were on the roof of the nearby house collecting evidence. Gonzales’ broken passenger window and bullet hole in the windshield lined up with the roof where police conducted part of their investigation. Police later confirmed the gunfire came from a second story of that residence.

Police obtained a warrant for Galvan’s home and found an AR-15 and spent shell casings. Police also reported finding THC products.

The victim has been transported to Longview for surgery.

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