Legendary skater Tony Hawk collaborates with Tyler family on song, shows power of kindness

Tony Hawk Family

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Oftentimes when artistic hobbies collide, something beautiful is created. What about when Tony Hawk is a part of the collaboration?

“Hey Odin, Jordon, what’s up? It’s Tony Hawk. This run’s for you,” said skater Tony Hawk in a video.

The message was for 18-year-old Odin Frost of Tyler and his friend Jordon, after his father, Tim Frost, sent Tony a creative request for a song idea back in August. Odin is a nonverbal autistic young adult who enjoys the sound of wheels of a skateboard gliding across wood or concrete.

“I submitted this email and I kind of explained what I wanted. I wanted the skateboard sound to turn it into percussion, and then take Odin’s samples that he makes. And then Odin does some cooing and makes some really cool vocal sounds, and I turn that into choirs,” said Frost. “I thought how cool that would be and explained it in the email, didn’t think anything of it.”

In early September, Tony sent a video of him skating back and the start of a new project began.

“I started listening for sounds, listening for rhythms, and I realized that Tony’s skateboard, he skates on rhythm. It’s insane, he’s so good at it,” Frost said. “I got the video of just Tony Hawk skating and I showed Odin with my phone, and he had his iPad and he’s sitting there just making loops on his iPad while watching the video.”

Frost said even though Odin can’t verbally speak back he understands what’s going on. Odin has a passion for music and talent for hearing rhythms.

“I was like, man, he’s really soaking this in. It was a cool realization to see him be very, very excited, and he stayed up until about 2 a.m. making loops.”

Frost’s childhood hero, Hawk, and now his current hero, Odin, both doing their thing. Frost said it’s like two worlds colliding.

“My wife added vocals to it, a chorus. It’s one of the most proud of music projects I’ve done. I realize we work well as a family band,” Frost said.

He’s been doing music for the majority of his life and says he and his wife for probably the last 15 years.

“I just realized, why weren’t we incorporating all three of us this whole time? So now that’s what we’re working on,” Frost said. “Anything we put out, we’re going to make sure that all three of us are a part of it.”

The family band sent samples back and forth to Tony and released the song in December. This wasn’t the end of a creative bond and friendship. The Frost’s were invited to spend time with Tony Hawk and his team in Waco at a surf resort before the holidays. After COVID-19 tests, and safe travels, they all met up. Their family’s first trip since the pandemic began.

“I was kind of anxious because we hadn’t done anything like that. The only building we’d been in was the graduation, so it’s like okay. And Odin has never been to a hotel before, 18 years he’s never stayed in a hotel,” Frost said. “So we over planned. We had one little suitcase with our clothes in it and one big suitcase with his stuff from his room, we had a Christmas tree we brought. This is going to be our Christmas, we’re going to set it up like that, we’re going to decorate the whole room.”

Frost recalls one of his favorite memories was when he and his son were sitting watching the surfers.

“Then Tony comes up and he went straight to Odin and started talking to him about the waves. He was teaching him how the wave pool worked,” Frost said.

This was not the first kind and intentional gesture, Frost said the entire trip Hawk and his team were accommodating.

“We’re not used to Odin being treated with kindness. It’s just 18 years of, we’ve had to deal with the other side of it,” Frost said. “And the skaters, they were so, so kind with Odin and they keep in contact. They sent shirts and stuff of their teams.”

And in a year that threw so many off their routines, Frost said this was like a sigh of relief for their family.

“It’s a cool little collaboration and it also helps us to find the beauty and to find the joy,” he said.

The family can’t tell us specifics about upcoming projects but say they’ve got more creative things planned.

To follow more of the family’s adventures visit, http://www.timfrostspeaks.com/

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