East Texas ministry helps women back on their feet

Stranger donates $50,000 to help building campaign
An East Texas non-profit organization says they want to help women dealing with every level of...
An East Texas non-profit organization says they want to help women dealing with every level of hardship in their lives.(KLTV)
Updated: Mar. 17, 2021 at 6:15 AM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas non-profit organization says they want to help women dealing with every level of hardship in their lives. We got to hear from the staff at Graciously Broken Ministries, as well as an employee who went through the process herself. They say their purpose is to bring hope and healing to women who are looking for any level of help.

One of the co-founders and program director, Amanda Tornberg said, “we mainly deal with women who struggle with addiction but not only. We’ve had women who’ve come in to overcome depression or anxiety and their life has just taken a dark turn.”

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It’s a year long program but depending on how they progress they’re welcome to stay longer. Right now they’re housing 12 women who go through daily classes, and bible studies. Tornberg said they’re founded on two pillars. One is recovery, the other is spiritual.

“There are circumstances in life to change but we want there to be a heart change because we can get them here,” she said, “They can get clean, and they can get a job, but if nothing is accomplished on the heart level then they’ll just go right back to it.”

An example of that change is her friend and colleague, Jessica Boggio. Boggio said she spent most of her life in addiction and just trying to survive. At one point she found herself with a choice.

“I could go to a state rehabilitation program, or prison.. Or I could find a local ministry,” she said.

Boggio said she came across paperwork for graciously broken ministries and the name called out to her. She’s been working as their house manager for nearly a year.

“I was sitting on the back porch one day and I was looking at the property and I just thought, I don’t ever want to leave here,” said Boggio. Now she’s just a month away from celebrating one year out of the program and as a member of the staff at Graciously Broken Ministries.

The ministry is working on a building campaign to expand its housing and classrooms. They said the kindness of a stranger has finally allowed them to move forward on the project.

Samantha Melville, Graciously Broken Ministry’s Director of Outreach and Fundraising explains, “someone walked through our door and handed us a $50,000 check. It’s miracles like that but it’s also the faithful continued support from our community that’s gotten us to this point.”

Graciously broken ministries plans to break ground on the building expansions this weekend. They also want to start a day program allowing women to come in for weeks rather than months. Although this is a year long program, one of the co-founders Amanda Rucker, explains regardless of how long it takes, it’s worth it.

“That’s such a cool thing to see these ladies’ lives transform,” said Rucker. “They become amazing mothers and wonderful lives and they go after their dreams and pursue other things they want to do in life.”

When a woman graduates from the program they get to sign a patch on a quilt that hangs high in the main office. The staff tells us even though not everyone lasts outside of the programs their first or second time around, they’re always welcome back to try again.

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