Campers at Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park campsite continue clean up after damage from weekend storm

Campers at the Palo Duro Zip Line Adventure Park continue to clean up at their campsite after...
Campers at the Palo Duro Zip Line Adventure Park continue to clean up at their campsite after much was destroyed during the weekend storm.(KFDA)
Updated: Mar. 15, 2021 at 6:33 PM CDT
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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo National Weather Service confirmed seven tornadoes tore across three counties in the Texas Panhandle on Saturday.

The strongest was an EF2 that occurred in Happy and made its way towards the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The second tornado was East of that and hit the Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park campsite and the State Park area.

The owners of Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park reported about 30 RVs on the campsite on Saturday. Right now, about half of the campsite is operating with the other half filled with destroyed RVs.

There are still families and individuals on the campsite collecting their items from the storm.

“We were camping in this RV over here and we weren’t here when the storm happened, we went down to the park to a storm shelter, and we came back and there were three trailers that were slammed against our RV,” said Lilie Stephens, weekend camper at Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park.

Stephens says they are lucky most of their stuff is still salvageable but believes the RV is totaled. They’ve spent the last two days picking up valuables.

“The dash is pushed up; our generator is split in half. Our jacks are broken, our slides on that side are, you can’t really open it. You’re walking on debris just to get through the door to get in,” said Stephens.

“Pretty much I think there were two tornadoes that kind of converged on each other and swept right though here, a lot of people are still here collecting,” said Payton Smith, supervisor at Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park.

The entire RV campsite will be open within the next few days.

“Well you know, there was a lot of damages to it and everything so it might take a little bit to get everything cleared up but hopefully after spring break we should have everything kind of situated and back to running smoothly,” said Smith.

No injuries were reported at the site, and they are already back to zip lining.

Another area severely hit was on the south side of lake Greenbelt in Clarendon. Donley County Sheriff’s Office reports heavy damage to travel trailers, boats and boat docks.

Minor damage was also reported in the City of Clarendon.

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