Rep. Hefner’s bill on armed school security immunity moves to committee

WATCH: Rep. Cole Hefner discusses bills regarding school security personnel, firearms in hotels

AUSTIN, Texas (KLTV) - A bill sponsored by East Texas Rep. Cole Hefner has moved to committee in Austin.

Hefner introduced the bill on February 10. He told us today that it has now moved to committee for study, the next step before it can be voted on or amended.

House Bill 1788 concerns immunity from liability of public and private schools and security personnel employed by those schools for certain actions of security personnel. Rep. Cole Hefner sponsored the bill. It gives immunity to any school in Texas, as well as the security personnel in the school districts, from damages that occur when “reasonable action (is) taken by the security personnel to maintain the safety of the school campus, including action relating to possession or use of a firearm.”

This immunity would protect security personnel in the schools, whether paid or volunteer. The employee must have written permission from the board of trustees of the school district or the governing body of the open-enrollment charter school or the private school to carry a firearm on campus, however, before immunity could be in force.

The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate.

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