Youth tournaments return to Longview’s Lear Park

Youth tournaments return to Longview’s Lear Park

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A sure sign that Spring is around the corner, as little league baseball returns to one East Texas city.

Teams from Dallas, Longview and Lufkin turned out for a 2 day early season tournament at Longview’s Lear Park baseball complex.

“Interest has really picked up with youth sports lately. Here in Longview we’re seeing tournaments booked every weekend until July especially baseball and softball,” says Longview city public information officer Shawn Hara.

It was the ‘Dug-out Baseball Pine Tar’ sports tournament for boys ages 7 through 14.

It was a beautiful day, youth baseball, and more important for the city, getting back to paid events.

“That’s good news for the economy as well as we normally have a lot of tournaments in the Spring and Fall as well,” Hara says.

Over East Texas’ long Spring and Summer seasons, these tournaments regularly fill park venues.

The pandemic cancelled countless tournaments in 2020.

“With Covid a lot of that definitely took a dip and so we’re seeing some of that activity start to pick back up again,” Shawn says.

Many teams make up for time lost last season by being well practiced, and in mid-season form.

And the city hopes these tourneys will become as frequent as they once were before the pandemic.

“That’s good news for our local economy as well as our local hotels as well,” says Hara.

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