Gatorade introduces patch to measure hydration

Gatorade introduces patch to measure hydration
Gatorade is introducing a new patch that measures sweat to tell you exactly how much of its beverage you should be drinking. (Source: Gatorade via CNN)

(CNN) – Gatorade wants you to drink more of its beverage, and now, it can tell you how to do it most efficiently with its new Gx Sweat Patch.

Before a workout, the sticker goes on your inner arm, where it measures how much sweat you produce.

Then, Gatorade’s app tells you how much fluid and sodium you’ve lost and how much of its sports drink you need to consume to replenish it.

You get two patches for $25, and you can only use them one time each.

The good news is, once you know how much you need to drink in a typical workout, you probably don’t need to reinvent that wheel unless you change up your routine or environment.

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