Bruno’s Pizza in Tyler re-opens after partial roof collapse caused by winter storm

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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Bruno’s Pizza and Pasta location on Vine Avenue in Tyler is back to business as usual following a partial ceiling collapse on February 18th from a pipe bursting.

“Well I wanted to cry, but you have to just go into that mode of get the water off and let’s start.”

This was owner Lori Rumbelow’s initial reaction to walking into her restaurant and seeing water flowing from the ceiling. With quick action from staff, family, and friends they were able to reopen four days later.

“We hired a contractor, they had to replace some sheetrock. We hired plumbers to come in, we replaced all of our lines with new lines, so hopefully this will not happen again,” Rumbelow said. “Electricians, everybody, I mean they came in immediately.”

Rumbelow said the last year has been difficult on her staff because of the pandemic and she didn’t want them to go a full week without work.

“All of my employees came in on that Sunday morning. Because it had been seven days we had to throw all of our food out, we re-prepped everything, everybody was cleaning, getting the drywall dust off, which just seems to keep going,” Rumbelow said.

The Old Jacksonville location was open and Rumbelow said they were able to bring some ingredients there so they didn’t waste them.

“We couldn’t get any trucks in. We usually get our trucks on Tuesdays and Fridays and they were behind. Our reps kept us very informed and now they’re back on track so hopefully we’re good to go,” Rumbelow said.

During the boil water notice Rumbelow said they were able to get bottled beverages and bring in ice and are still offering them if customers prefer those.

Bruno's Roof Collapse

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