Group hosts March for Black Lives in downtown Tyler


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As Black History Month draws to a close, people gathered Saturday in downtown Tyler to celebrate, but also to continue the call for an end to the injustices that have affected many African Americans.

Organizers said the event was created to remind East Texans of what many people were protesting for this summer. Group organizer Tonnecia - who wished to only be identified by a single name - believes people shouldn’t lose focus on the issues at hand because according to her there is still work to be done.

“I feel like it is a continuous cycle certain events will happen and we will get mad and we will do things to get results and then we kind of forget, so it’s like we did all the work for nothing and then we back track,” said Tonnecia.

The group marched around downtown saying chants and waving signs. The group also held a celebration in the square with music and art to help celebrate black history.

“We have black history signs not only just protesting against police brutality, but we are also shining a light on black activists that made us here today,” said Laya Washington.

For the group, the event is about educating the public. They want people to understand what individuals that look like them are going through.

“If you don’t fully understand, the message gets misguided, it gets misinterpreted so I feel like it is very important for people to be educated,” said Tonnecia. “Because the younger generation is the one that has to make the changes and they can’t do that if they don’t know.”

Many who attended Saturday’s celebration feel like that change begins with them, a change they hope to continue to carry in the coming months.

“I feel like our generation, Gen Z, is the generation to push that change faster and harder, we don’t want to give up and we don’t want to let go,” said Washington.

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