Rep. Schaefer believes governor would have ‘hard time’ vetoing mask legislation

Rep. Schaefer believes governor would have 'hard time' vetoing mask legislation

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Rep. Matt Schaefer joined East Texas Now’s Kayla Lyons to talk about two bills he introduced concerning Governor Abbott’s and other state official’s authority.

HB2097 and HB2098 are specifically aimed at the mask mandate enacted in Texas. Schaefer questions the constitutionality of the mandate saying the governor or officials should not be able to enforce the mandate unless there is a statute already in place.

Schaefer said the governor used a disaster act written in the 70′s to enforce the mandate.

Schaefer says it’s up to legislators like himself to propose laws, not the governor. “The governor cannot define and create the crime and be the one who enforces it”, this Schaefer says “is a fundamental violation of separation of powers”.


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