East Texas drivers hoping to get answers after vehicles were left splattered with road paint


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas couple had two of their vehicles splattered with road paint three weeks ago. They said they were traveling South on Highway 155 in Noonday and it appears that the paint laid down was still wet.

Andy Niederhofer said he’s been working to get answers as to who’s responsible for the issue. TxDOT contracted Striping Technology for the project.

Striping Technology first said to the driver that the company wasn’t responsible for the damage done to their cars. The driver says an insurance agent with the company reached out to him Wednesday.

“Basically saying that they are doing an investigation into Striping Technology and how they applied the paint and the actual paint itself,” Niederhofer said. “It made me feel relieved because at least somebody’s looking into what went wrong and that way it doesn’t happen in the future.”

Niederhofer said he has since gotten his car worked on at a local body shop.

We have reached out to Striping Technology but have not heard back.

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