Annual Azalea & Spring Flower Trail still on despite some effects from cold

Updated: Feb. 25, 2021 at 11:49 AM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It’s one of the biggest attractions in East Texas and the cold can’t cancel it. The 62nd annual Azalea Trail will still go on.

Known for the brick streets, historic homes, and of course the Azaleas, the Azalea Trail stretches more than ten miles and brings 100 thousand visitors to Tyler each year. Holli Fourniquet, VP of marketing for Visit Tyler, said the city will still be celebrating spring.

“Unfortunately this year, because of the winter storm that we had we probably won’t see very many blooms of evergreen azaleas,” Fourniquet said.

Horticulturist Greg Grant with Smith County Horticulture Texas A&M AgriLife Extension said other plants will bloom.

“There will be dogwood plants that are native here, been here thousands of years, they’ll bloom fine, forsythia, and crabapples and things like tulips, and plants from colder climates,” Grant said.

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If you walk the trails today you’ll see lots of brown. Grant said that doesn’t mean the plants are dead and the snow could have actually helped save some.

“So if you look all across town you’ll see a lot of shrubs that’ll be green at about one feet and the whole rest of the plant is brown,” Grant said. “That’s because that snow acted like a styrofoam igloo basically.”

Even if some of the plants don’t make it, Fourniquet said the nurseries have been taking good care of their plants.

“So those homeowners are going to go buy spring flowers and plant them in their gardens. So there will be some beauty to see along the trail this year,” Fourniquet said.

Grant said in San Antonio, where he used to live, the brown just means it’s a pretty fall color year.

“For every ounce of death there’s an ounce of life, and something is going to grow back. It’s just we’re going to have to rough it out and tough it out this Spring.”

The trail dates are March 19 through April 4. Visit Tyler will be keeping progress photos of the blooms on their website and Facebook page to help visitors see where they’re at before coming.

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