Rep. Clardy seeks accountability for statewide power outages

Rep. Clardy seeks accountability for statewide power outages
WEBXTRA: State Rep. Travis Clardy on deep freeze recovery

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Much of Deep East Texas remains in deep freeze recovery. At the same time, the investigation into what went right and what went wrong during the unprecedented natural disaster begins.

“It was a pretty intense situation,” said Mario Canizares during a Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce stakeholders conference call. “And the entire state is literally in gridlock and stuck.”

Canizares and most city managers in 254 Texas counties have never seen such power interruptions.

“Turn it back on, or turn it back off. Turn it back on, turn it back off. It just caused all kinds of electronic failures,” Canizares said.

That included the entire Nacogdoches water system shutting down.

“We will be doing a full assessment of this past week to see where our holes were, so that we learn as we go,” Canizares said.

State Rep. Travis Clardy, District 11, told call listeners that numerous constituents are demanding accountability for the power gridlock.

“And that certainly needs to be part of our effort,” Clardy said.

Tough questions are ahead.

“I am more concerned about what happens in four or five months when August rolls around, and we have excessively high temperatures for an extended period of time,” Clardy said. “We got to be able to provide consistent capacity of energy throughout the state in these extreme temperatures, whether it’s cold or hot.”

Clardy said as early as Thursday that the Energy and the State Affairs committees will begin joint meetings to start examining the state’s power issues.

Canizares pointed out damages in Deep East Texas were also caused by ice accumulations not seen in other parts of the state.

“This area of the state was affected twice, unlike the rest of the state where it was affected just only once,” Canzares said.

So, he’s not ready for Nacogdoches to join other municipalities in casting blame. For now, full recovery is the priority.

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