City of Lufkin makes storm debris disposal available

City of Lufkin makes storm debris disposal available
(Source: City of Lufkin)

From the City of Lufkin

UPDATED 2:20 P.M., FEB. 22, 2021

LUFKIN, Texas (News Release) - The City of Lufkin has lifted its boil water notice.

According to City of Lufkin officials, water samples were submitted for lab testing yesterday.

“We were notified a little bit ago that our samples passed, and the boil water notice can be rescinded. Keep in mind that this is for City of Lufkin water customers only,” said Jessica Pebsworth, City of Lufkin Communications Director.

“If you get your water through a private supplier, you will need to look to them for guidance on when your water is safe to drink. Private suppliers do their own testing even if their supply is partially or fully sourced through the City of Lufkin,” Pebsworth said.

Additionally, the City of Lufkin has announced the partial closure of several public parks.

“None of our parks are entirely closed to the public (except for the Azalea Trail), but we do want everyone to use caution due to fallen trees, large limbs and debris,” said Pebsworth.

The City asks that residents please respect the caution tape and do not access roped-off areas.

City of Lufkin park closures (effective as of TODAY):

  • All park restrooms
  • Azalea Trail
  • Kiwanis Park pavilion #1 and #2
  • Chambers Park pavilion #1 and #2
  • Grace Dunn Richardson pavilion #1
  • Brandon Park swing sets

Once it is safe to do so, the City of Lufkin will have a public cleanup day for anyone who wants to help.

LUFKIN, Texas (News Release) - Solid Waste drivers are out doing trash collection this morning. We will run our routes twice this week as we know a lot of people have a large quantity of trash.

If you have Monday pickup, we will pick up for you again on Wednesday.

If you have Tuesday pickup, we will pick up for you again on Thursday.

We expect the trash pickup schedule to return to normal next week.

STORM CLEANUP: Tomorrow and Wednesday (2/23 & 2/24) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., City of Lufkin Solid Waste customers can bring their brush piles to Kit McConnico Park for disposal. We ask that you bring a copy of your water bill or anything with an address that proves you are a City of Lufkin customer.

A signage will point you to the drop location. Workers will help you unload.

The city expects the volume of special collection (curbside) work orders to extend completion time, typically a one to 10 business day turnaround.

The city says if you put in a work order, it may take us some time, but we will get to you. Please be patient with us.

How do I dispose of storm debris if I can’t drop it off tomorrow or Wednesday?

SMALL (small enough that one person can collect): If you have a “small amount” of debris on the curb that needs to be picked up, please put in a work order here to expedite the process here:

EXCESSIVE (a larger job that would require two people): For those of you with “excessive amounts” of debris/construction waste from storm damage, we do provide “LARGE pickup” services. Normally, every household is allowed one free “LARGE pickup” a year. Given the current circumstances, we will not charge for any storm-related “LARGE pickups” this week. To avoid the charge, you must get your request in this week by filling out a work order available here:

EXTENSIVE (commercial-size bin necessary): For those with extensive amounts of debris and demolition/construction waste, we also provide “Litter Critter” service. The rental period can be for Friday morning to Monday morning, or for the week from Monday morning to Friday morning. We deliver it, you fill it, and then we pick it up for $50 per load. For more information see the Litter Critter rental agreement here: To rent one, contact Solid Waste at 936-633-0281.