City of Tyler on track to lift boil water notice Tuesday

City of Tyler on track to lift boil water notice Tuesday
(Source: City of Tyler)

UPDATED 3:20 P.M., FEB. 22, 2021

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The City of Tyler said it is on track to lift the boil water notice some time tomorrow but that the advisory remains in effect for now. Additionally it also announced storm cleanup and repairing of roadways has begun.

The Tyler Street Department has begun clearing the tons of sanding material laid on the roads and repairing potholes and utility cuts due to the polar vortex. All street sweepers are currently mobilized with the major focus today on bridges and overpasses as the material is the heaviest in these areas. It will likely take most of the week to clean the streets.

During the storm event, The City of Tyler laid 450 tons of sanding material (crushed aggregate) on priority roadways. Additionally, TxDOT laid a significant amount on the state highways that run through the city. The Tyler Street Department will be responsible for cleaning all streets within the city limits.

All traffic signals are now fully operational.

The City of Tyler’s boil water notice remains in effect. We continue to ask residents to conserve water when possible. Lines have been flushed, and lab samples were taken this morning. Lab testing will take a minimum of 18 hours. As of today, we project to be able to lift the boil water notice on Tuesday. Once lifted, residents will be asked to flush their lines for 15 minutes. The City will send out a notification when the boil notice is lifted.

The Water Service Center phone lines are currently down. The Information Technology team is working on repairing the issue. In the meantime, customers experiencing water loss should contact the Water Business Office at (903) 531-1230 until 4 p.m. today and the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant at (903) 597-6541 after-hours. We ask for your patience as call volumes continue to be high.

The Service center will be partnering with private contractors to assist with repairs this week.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The City of Tyler Development Services Department is preparing for high call volume and emergency permitting to assist residents and contractors who will need immediate repairs following the aftermath of the severe winter storm.

To understand the permitting process and evaluate if you need a permit to complete repairs to your home, please visit our website. Contractors can register and apply for a permit here.

The permitting protects the health, safety and welfare of our community. Permitting ensures our residents hire contractors that are both licensed and insured to perform needed repairs. The process protects our residents from fraudulent contractors. As part of the permitting process, the City of Tyler provides inspections to verify work was done safely, properly and to State Code.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to register and apply for a permit?

Contractors can register with the City of Tyler on our website.

If a contractor is already registered, they can visit to apply for a permit

**For additional information you can e-mail our Permit Center or contact the Permit Center at (903) 531-1151.

My water lines froze and busted; do I need a permit to repair them?

Per the 2015 International residential code R105.2, any repair of a CONCEALED water line or drain that must be replaced with new material must be permitted and inspected. A pipe is considered concealed it is underground/under slab, or if you must remove a permanent part of the structure to access it. Pipes in cabinets, attics, crawl space under a pier and beam house are not considered concealed and can be repaired without a permit.

I had pipes freeze in several locations and I just want to replace the whole water service line; Do I need a permit?


Do I have to have a permit to replace faucets or hose bibbs?

No, as long as you are not relocating them.

Do I have to wait to get a permit before I can make my repairs?

No. Per 2015 IRC R105.2.1, In an emergency situation the repairs can be made, and the permit applied for, on the next business day.

Who can repair my leaks and pull a permit?

A licensed plumber, a homesteaded homeowner working on their own property, or a maintenance employee working on a property in which they are employed to serve.

My water heater is not working, can I replace or repair it myself?

A licensed plumber or homesteaded homeowner may pull a permit and replace their water heater. Per Texas State Plumbing code Sec 1301.053.4, an apartment maintenance employee shall not replace a water heater.

Water heaters are the most dangerous appliance in your house. Improperly installed or repaired water heaters can blow up like pressure cookers, including electric water heaters. Water heaters are best if left to be installed by qualified and experienced installers.

My electrical service was damaged, do I need a permit to repair it? Yes, if your electrical service was damaged and Oncor disconnected the service drop and/or removed the meter, a licensed electrician or homesteaded homeowner must pull a permit and pass an inspection, then the City Inspector will send notification to Oncor that the repair has been made and the homeowner can call Oncor to schedule a reconnect.

How will the inspection be done?

After a permit is pulled and the repairs are made, the permit holder will contact the department to schedule an inspection. The work will need to remain uncovered to verify work quality, material type, connections and have full working water pressure to check for leaks. Once the inspection is approved, you may reinsulate and cover the work.

We will be coordinating with permit holders to judge the best way to accomplish the inspection. To expedite this process, virtual inspections will be performed. However, in situations where virtual inspections are not feasible, social distancing and facemask protocols will be followed.

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