Falling oak tree narrowly missed napping Nacogdoches man


NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - A large oak tree came inches from falling on a sleeping young man in Nacogdoches. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

With the help of the teen’s grandmother, who provided the video, East Texas News Weekend’s Donna McCollum brings us this story of how the winter storm of 2021 is certainly providing a memory.

The Colonial Hills subdivision in Nacogdoches has one less massive live oak. Chris and Lori Harkness are saying goodbye to a tree that once beautified their yard, but this week came close to causing a tragedy.

My son was home taking a nap in his bedroom which is in the front room of our house,” said Lori Harkness, mother to Jason Harkness. “And it missed his room by just inches.”

Lori Harkness said that she can take losing a tree. Not a child.

“So, we were just thankful he was safe,” Lori Harkness said.

Drewery Tree Service wasted no time in coming to the Harknesses’ aid. When possible, the company tries to save such old oaks. This time was different, according to the owner, Terry Drewery.

“As bad as we hate to lose a big, beautiful tree as this live oak that took so many years to grow and adds so much character to the home, there is a time when there is enough damage that you need to let go of it,” Drewery said.

Drewery said he could save the 75-year-old tree, but the loss of limbs and the crown, plus the cost make saving the tree not worthwhile.

“There’s a time to work and save things,” Drewery said. “There’s a time to let go and this is that time.”

The old oak will now become a nostalgic memory and a great story for their son to pass on.

Lori Harkness said the tree will be used as firewood, and some will go to a wood crafter. She said when the weather improves, she’ll plant a live oak in its place.

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