City of Tyler working to repair water main breaks

Water pipe repair in Tyler

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As temperatures are starting to warm up across East Texas, the city of Tyler is starting to help resolve the water outages that many residents are facing.

City crews have been working around the clock to repair water main breaks that have been reported to the city. Right now, the city has 25 breaks that have been reported and crews have had to dig up the pipe and then seal it, so the water stops leaking out of the ground.

“The pipe itself is not froze but the ground was shifting and that caused the pipe to break and they put a large clamp on it to hold the pipe together which it basically fixes the pipe,” said LouAnn Campbell who is the Tyler Public Works and Utilities Public Information Officer.

The city is reporting that towers and tanks still need to fill up and that citizens still need to conserve water as they test their pipes. The city is hoping to fix all the water main breaks as soon as possible. According to City Manager Ed Broussard, they hope to lift the water boil notice Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning if everything goes as planned.

“We have a list that we have probably more will be added as we find more, it is being attacked one by one but because of the situation with those leaks occurring, we ask people as they can to conserve water,” said Broussard.

The testing of the water takes 18 hours and they have already coordinated with NET Health to get some testing done on Sunday.

If you are still without water that is not due to frozen pipes you are encouraged to call the Water Service Center at 903-531-1285. Crews will then come out and assess the problem.

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