City of Tyler making progress on water pressure; boil-water notice still in effect

City of Tyler making progress on water pressure; boil-water notice still in effect
City of Tyler to host virtual public meeting for it's upcoming road project. (Source: KLTV)

From the City of Tyler

TYLER, Texas (News Release) - The City is working very hard to maintain water pressure and continues to request water conservation from our residents and businesses. Please do not run water to prevent pipes from freezing. Turn off the water if pipes have burst.

We will work with local non-profits to assist people without insurance, seniors, and others who have suffered a lot of water-related damage due to frozen pipes bursting.

Residents are urged to report their disaster damages to the Texas Division of Emergency Management here.

The City of Tyler’s boil water notice remains in effect. The City projects that water storage tanks will fill today and samples will be taken on Sunday. Labs will take a minimum of 18 hours to review the samples. Our current projection for lifting the boil notice is between 10 a.m. on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon. Once lifted, residents will be asked to flush their lines for 15 minutes. The City will send out a notification when the boil notice is lifted.

The following main breaks have been repaired:

  • 1717 Sequoia Dr.
  • 1125 Pinedale Place
  • 206 Alpine Dr.
  • 1018 Shepherd
  • 3501 McMillan
  • 1605 N. Palace
  • 314 N. Gaston Ave.

The following main breaks are prioritized for repair today and tomorrow:

  • E. 5th St. & Mahon Ave.
  • 3311 McMillan
  • 1808 Easy St.
  • 3501 McMillan Dr.
  • 1207 S. Azalea Dr.
  • 8240 Baylor Dr.
  • 2303 Gish Ln.
  • 3400 Woodbine
  • W. Front St. & Lyons Ave.
  • N. Palace
  • Vance & Franklin
  • Englewood & Nutbush
  • 1407 W. 4th
  • 1605 N. Palace
  • W. Front St. and Shady Ln.
  • 719 W. Front St.
  • 2729 Old Bullard Rd.
  • 316 Dayton St.
  • 1318 Jeff Davis Dr.
  • 4520 Old Troup
  • 1300 W. 4th
  • Sherry Ln. & Brookside
  • 2327 W. Azalea Dr.
  • 2611 Industrial Ave.
  • Pollard & Hudson
  • 3202 Patriot

The Service center will be partnering with private contractors to assist with repairs today and through the coming week.

We are also seeing pipes freezing for residential lines at their house due to continued freezing conditions, and these will not thaw until temperatures get above freezing this weekend.

Customers should expect low or inconsistent water pressure as the system stabilizes. Customers experiencing water loss that is not due to freezing pipes should contact the Water Service Center at (903) 531-1285 during regular business hours and the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant at (903) 597-6541 after-hours and on weekends.

Roadways and Transit

Well-traveled roads are beginning to thaw and create slush. Less traveled streets and shaded areas can still be dangerous. Residents are asked to drive with caution.

Transit service to warming centers is available, but may be delayed due to road conditions. Dialysis patients will continue to be transported to their appointments.

Transit for grocery pickup will be available on Saturday and Sunday from around 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Cut-off for reservations is 2 p.m. daily. To request a ride, call NDMJ, LLC. at (903) 592-3232 or Tyler Transit (903) 520-8281 and leave a message with your home address, pick-up location, phone number and name. This service is available to any rider within Tyler city limits.

Regular fixed transit and para-transit operations will resume on Monday.

Residents should call 911 in the case of an emergency or contact the Tyler Police Department non-emergency number at (903) 531-1000 for safety checks and assistance.

Full road crews worked through the night and will continue today. All three sanding trucks are in operation. Yesterday, the county crews were able to snow blade:

Commerce E. Erwin Old Henderson Palmer Earl Campbell Our contractor was able to snow blade: New Copeland Cumberland Rd Paluxy Shiloh Rd

Last night, our crew cleared inlets for snowmelt and slush before it could freeze in these areas. Today, we will continue sanding and de-icing major bridges, overpasses and around hospitals as roads thaw. Supplies Stockpiles of crushed aggregate and de-icer remain good.

Residents are advised to keep their distance from the trucks so the crews can do their jobs safely

Traffic Signals

All bucket trucks are currently in operation. Many intersections have restored power. Staff has begun taking intersections out of red flash, removing stop signs, and restoring full colors to intersections.

Drivers are urged to drive slow and treat an intersection as a four-way stop if the traffic signal is not working.

Residents can report traffic signal outages by calling the Tyler Police Department non-emergency number at (903) 531-1000.


ONCOR has reported that the grid is stable and that they are back to normal operations in Tyler.

Contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747 to report power outages and downed power lines.

Residents can view all updates on the City’s homepage and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor).

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