City of Nacogdoches asking water customers affected by winter storm to fill out survey

From the City of Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (News Release) - If your property (residential or business) has been affected by the recent weather storms, please complete a voluntary survey at or by scanning the QR code attached.

The purpose of this survey is to demonstrate the scale of this week’s winter storm disaster at the local level and help emergency management officials identify damages. The success of this effort will assist Nacogdoches County and the City of Nacogdoches with eligibility to potential federal programs.

Please submit one survey per impacted address.

Reporting damage to Emergency Management is a voluntary activity, is not a substitute for reporting damage to your insurance agency, and does not guarantee disaster relief assistance. Information regarding financial assistance through FEMA can be found at While no specifics are available at this time, the page is updated hourly.