Truckers passing through taking refuge at East Texas truck stops

Updated: Feb. 18, 2021 at 9:46 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - With ice on Interstate 20, many truck drivers are taking refuge at truck stops in our area.

KLTV chief photographer Arthur Clayborn spoke with several truckers at a truck stop in East Texas to find out how driving during the current weather storm has affected their work.

“We’re not going to get by that...we can’t even get in the parking lot. You cant get in, you can’t get out,” said

“I got stuck in Tyler. No power, no food, no gas, no nothing in Tyler, Texas. I limped over here yesterday and I got here about 4 p.m.,” said Antonio Carroll.

Scott Scarborough told us his story.

“Today is day three. Heading towards Fort Worth I lost control at the rest area. My trailer started sliding. Did a U-turn, came back, and parked it.”

Scarborough added that he was also trying to conserve fuel and find food.

“Conserving fuel, idling off and on intermittently, living off whatever the truck stop has left on the shelf.”

Jarred NBurn said,”Well, I’m not going to move until Monday probably. Been here since Sunday and all.”

Chris Phillips told us how his experience has been.

“I started off my journey way down in my hometown of Uvalde. The winter weather has affected us down there as much as here almost.”

Vicki Harris summarized what most were thinking.

“Thank God for wrecker services. It’s a blessing that they are able to come help us.”

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